Monika Monika Miller grew up in the country music stronghold of Grindelwald.


At an early age she had already experienced live country music at the festival in her village and had had the opportunity to watch the performances of US stars such as Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs and many others. She was also influenced by her sister Franziska, who likewise was an inspired country music fan. Franziska brought back lots of CD's from her travels throughout the United States; Monika could no longer be torn away from the CD player.

Foto: Franziska Buser

In 1996, at thirteen years old, she joined the then popular choir 'Children of Grindelwald'. The chief conductor, Andrea Schlunegger, promoted Monika to solo singer. The choir had a versatile repertoire, from Gospel to Christmas carols and folk music. The 'Children' inspired the public from Paris to Brussels.

After her time in the choir Monika joined Godi Amatter's band 'City Dump'. It was during this time that Monika gained her first two years stage experience.

On one occasion Karl Guntern attended a 'City Dump' gig in Grindelwald. Karl, who also lives near Grindelwald, immediately recognized Monika's talents. Karl has worked for many years as a musician and promoter with artists from the country scene. During a performance in a Grindelwald bar together with an old American friend, Karl spontaneously invited Monika to join them up on the stage. The new 'Trio' harmonized brilliantly and the public was inspired by Monika's sensational voice.

In 2002 Putzie Mayr and Karl Guntern together with Mark Lawrence, Brad Schechter und John Lane created the 'Mark Lawrence Band'. Mark, Putzie, Brad and John were also convinced of Monika's talent and created 'Monika Miller & Band' . Appearances with Rosie Flores and at the large festivals of Waldegg and Hittnau followed. In October 2003 Monika won the 'CMFS NEW TALENT SHOW 2003'.

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